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How do I request for a ride?
Launch the Haraqisha app from your Android Phone, tap the rides icon and select your preferred ride type- Motorcycle,Standard or Premier. Your pickup...
Fri, 9 Feb, 2018 at 10:26 AM
How does Haraqisha work?
Haraqisha is an E-commerce platform providing on-demand services for rides, courier and shopping.  All this is available in the Haraqisha smartphone applic...
Fri, 9 Feb, 2018 at 10:06 AM
How to request for a ride?
Open the Haraqisha app and select your ride type, using the icons. Your suggested pickup location will be set based on your current GPS location. If ...
Mon, 18 Sep, 2017 at 10:28 AM
How do I get a fare estimate?
1. Tap the Rides icon in the homepage Menu of your App. 2. Select Ride Category: Motorcycle,Standard or Premier 3. Tap on Confirm Pick Up Location 4. ...
Fri, 9 Feb, 2018 at 10:46 AM
Where can I ride with Haraqisha?
We are currently in Nairobi and Mombasa with a plan of rolling out to other major towns.
Thu, 25 Jan, 2018 at 4:36 PM
How to tip the driver on the app?
It is possible to tip your driver in the app and he/she will receive the whole tip amount. At the end of your trip, a receipt is emailed with a payment bre...
Thu, 15 Feb, 2018 at 1:20 PM
How do I download the Haraqisha app?
The Haraqisha app is currently available on Google Play Store , with plans to launch on Apple store and Windows phone thereafter. The Android version shoul...
Thu, 15 Feb, 2018 at 1:27 PM
How do I contact my driver?
If you wish to contact your driver to coordinate a pickup location or discuss other details of the ride you requested, Tap the bar that displays the driver...
Thu, 15 Feb, 2018 at 1:29 PM
How to reset my password?
It is possible to reset your password, provide your email address/cell phone number and a code shall be generated to help reset the password. In the cas...
Mon, 18 Sep, 2017 at 12:24 PM
How do I get picked up as a rider?
Once you have successfully placed a ride request and matched up with a driver, you are able to see their name, ETA (estimated time of arrival), profile...
Tue, 20 Feb, 2018 at 10:43 AM